These 8 Used Cars Just Got Way Cheaper

1) Tesla Model 3

Recent price cuts implemented by Tesla for the new Model 3 means used models also took a tumble this past year, with a nearly 30-percent drop in value.

2) BMW i3

The BMW i3 gives the market a good idea of what to expect from aging EVs with regards to pricing.

3) Chevrolet Blazer

With a new all-electric Blazer about to hit dealerships, the current model is beginning to wane in value, with a 16.6-percent drop in value over the past year.

4) BMW 2-Series

The BMW 2-Series convertible is one of the most fun cars the company makes right now. It's a small, quick answer to the question of what kind of sporty-luxury daily driver to buy.

5) Audi A5 Sportback

The Audi A5 Sportback is a fun and sporty alternative to the A4 sedan, which looks more traditional. It has all the same high-end features and speed as the A5 coupe.

6) Volvo XC40

If you're in the market for a small SUV with a sprinkling of luxury that stands out amongst the German offerings, it's hard to beat the XC40.

7) Genesis G70

Genesis is killing it right now, and there's no better example of how than the G70.

8) Nissan Armada

With the full-size Toyota Land Cruiser no longer offered in America, the Nissan Armada represents a compelling alternative, delivering three rows of seats and serious towing capacity.

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