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Kitchen Sink Clogged in Trenton

Kitchen Sink Clogged in Trenton

A clogged sink can be a very annoying. You can no longer manage the household properly and the dirty dishes pile up. In this article we explain which methods you can try out yourself and which tips you should avoid. It is important that you have tried all the tips about Kitchen Sink Clogged in Trenton! Your sink still does not drain, you should definitely find Plumbers in Trenton, South NJ.


Almost everyone has experienced it before, you turn the tap on the sink and suddenly the water collects and no longer runs off. The reasons for this can be complex. Food scraps, hair or increasing impurities that simply accumulate over time. We list the most common house tips for you and evaluate what really helps, what doesn’t and when the professional should emergence.

Mechanical Cleaning of the Clogged Drains

One of the oldest and quite simple methods is the mechanical cleaning of the drain. You can do it in the bathtub, shower but of course also in the sink. You can accomplish mechanical cleaning with needle-nosed pliers or longer tweezers. With these tools you should carefully remove the hairs from the drain. If you don’t succeed, the siphon in the sink should be carefully dismantled and cleaned. Here one should proceed really carefully and with craftsmanship, since incorrect dismantling and re-attachments can cause greater damage. If the water does not run off even after successful cleaning, you should call a pipe cleaning emergency in South New Jersey.

Chemical Drain Cleaning Services

Another way to clean a clogged sink is to clean it with a dry cleaner. Here, ¼ – ½ liter of the chemical agent is emptied into the drain as required and 2-8 hoursserviced depending on the manufacturer. After this period of time you should rinse with hot water and dry cleaning should be carried out regularly as a bow. Then every blockage should be eliminated, at least according to the manufacturer.

Drain cleaning with pressure

Another good strategy to get the clogged sink is to use the plunger. It is important to get the drain airtight. There is also a drain near the sink, which is best covered with a rubber glove or sponge of the appropriate size. Now up and down movements create a suction which in the best case releases the blockage again. In this case, the better method is mechanical cleaning.

Pipe cleaning spiral against the clogged sink

When simple mechanical cleaning and all other household tips have failed, an effective way to get that clogged sink clean again is to use a drain cleaning spiral. The electromechanical device is even more promising, but we laypeople strongly advise against this, as you can damage the drainage system quickly. We are talking about the simple hand – drain cleaning spiral. This is either introduced into the sink itself or into the associated drainage system.

You should pay attention to the correct size and keep the spiral in motion with rotary movements. Please be careful here, if it gets stuck or even breaks off. The same applies here, If none of the self-experiments have brought anything contact a plumbing emergency. They have all the latest tool ready to hand and are very familiar with the subject. Furthermore, they can introduce you to many preventive measures that will protect you from a clogged sink in the future.

Whenever you need emergency to Kitchen Sink Clogged in Trenton, you are free to call us! We guarantee you 100% satisfaction on all work carried out from the plumbers in Mercer, South NJ. They are fully qualified and licensed technicians with high experience.